Summer Camps

Empower your childs learning journey: 4 Elements Galicia offers ultimate outdoor experiences fusing language & nature

How do they work?

Children learn languages in the most natural way possible: like being on an exchange with a family or in an immersion situation. For 24 hours a day they are with peers who are native speakers of the target language.


giving the language learning a suitable backdrop. This active approach doesn’t allow for the learner to feel self-conscious and clam up. Instead, they are in a live situation, naturally using their language skills because they want to.

Why do they work?

and a positive attitude towards language learning. This approach, in our stimulating setting, inspires students to confidently acquire their second language.

We don’t seek perfection, we just want them to have a great time and get their ideas across. That is how we know language is learnt: each day building up from knowledge they already have.

We mix Spanish and English speaking children from similar age groups and then everybody eats, sleeps, plays and learns together, in effect living together. Bunk rooms are mixed nationality. Bedtime conversation is often the most active and jovial. All the day’s activities are now stored up and ready to pour out in funny anecdotes and playfulness. Demeanours are relaxed and unworried.

Language Classes

Only for language classes are Spanish and English speakers separated.

The focus is on the activities of the day ahead and on the context of the camp. We look at how and what they might need to communicate for that day. Indoor class time is kept to a minimum, where possible the classes will be taken outside and put into practice with games and role-play activities such as theatre, hands-on challenges, nature study or specific requests from the group.

Each course is made to measure, we think about each camp’s age group and their physical requirements in order to find balance between work and play.


Mealtimes are important as well; it gives the group a chance to come together and share their daysexperiences. We encourage the children to help in the preparation for meals, laying and decorating the table, and adding their own family specialities. Our catering is provided by a local chef using locally-sourced produce. Our bakery is on the other side of the river, a bright and happy place where at times the kids collect the barras

Daily Programme

On-Site Activities

Each day is made up of a variety of on-site activities: movement activity: yoga / mindfulness / forest gym.

An Off-Site Activity

River canoeing or surfing with beach games, fishing, ecology, personal requests in reserve.

Language Class

A 2 hour language class.

Group Time

Games and project work.

Free Time

Sessions throughout the day: on the beach, at the site, in the woods

Meal Time

Three meals a day plus mid-morning and afternoon snacks

Room Time

Quiet time or relaxing, reading, chatting and personal hygiene.

And of course…sleeping!

"Join the adventure!"