“4 ELEMENTS GALICIA”, 4ELEMENTS GALICIA”, based in a village of Muxía, provide a new pedagogy of innovative learning in English in the outdoors, in the woods and in contact with nature.

In their words: “Learning takes place in an unconscious and natural way in a wild environment which encourages reflection”.

A wonderful place surrounded by nature in its pure state, where you can develop all kinds of activities, summer camps, weekend stays and activities, etc.

Our headmistress and English teacher, Pilar Mirón, has organised this activity as an ideal way to prepare students for the school exchange programme “EDUEXCHANGES”, a Galicia government and European Union initiative.

We walked through the woods and along the River Castro, we visited an old watermill and learnt how our grandparents lived and ate, the wheat and maize crops that were planted and the flour used to make bread. We competed with “Bolos de Madeira” and “Estornela” and we made delicious pizzas in traditional adobe ovens, giving a detailed account of the ingredients. ALL IN ENGLISH. An authentic conviviality with Frank and Lalo, the guides and people behind the proposal. A true luxury.”