William M

“The instructor gave us time to do our own things, like me and this one kid made ice cream from scratch”

Lucia Luaces

“4Elements Galicia English is better because you learn the whole week through activities and living with English people… no doubt it means you learn more and better”

William M

“The Spanish teacher was amazing and helped me with my pronunciation and I highly recommend it to people who are struggling with English or Spanish”

Galia P.A.

!t has been a few years since | went to 4elements for a summer program, but it remains one of my best memories. The outdoor activities were great (included hiking, swimming in nearby rivers, surfing and sailing, as well as visits to gorgeous local beaches), showcasing and immersing us in Galicia’s natural beauty, and being […]

losune B. S

“Yes, I’m going to continue with English!The difference between here and at school is that here you learn +fast, +easy and+fun”  

Martín Pardiñas

“A fantastic experience: language immersion camps with Spanish, English, American, Australian children and adolescents. Methodology, activities and fun in an amazing location”