Success Stories and Inspiring Testimonials

We leave you with our collection of customer testimonials, where you will discover how our language camps in nature have left a lasting impression on the lives of those who have experienced this incredible adventure.

“Our nine and 12 year-old children attended weekend camps during the last school year. Beautiful experience with nature, living together, creativity, autonomy and immersion in English. Francis and Lalo are very good with the children with a very respectful approach. 100% recommendable”

Sonia Arias

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

“A 100% recommendable experience for children and teenagers. An English camp in a unique environment on the Costa da Morte, close to the beach, with native teachers, where they have a great time, learn English and make friends”

Eva Ezcurra

Mother of an 8 year old boy, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

“What can I say – this place is amazing. So relaxing and beautiful … if you’re a fan of surfing and biking this is the place to stay … bike rides everywhere and amazing surf beaches close by. For the more adventurous, there’s a beautifully magic river you can swim just a few minutes walk away …

Joel M

Cardiff, UK

“The place is quiet and located in an idyllic setting, the beaches are close for surfing or simply enjoy the summer, the hosts are very attentive. Perfect for discovering Galicia and its magnificent landscapes! We will definitely be back!”

Ariane L

París, Francia

“We have stayed here now a few times and it never disappoints! Such a beautiful, tranquil location and the villa rooms and the entire set-up is brilliantly planned and beautifully executed. The large communal eating area is really well appointed and is great for getting together with friends and family – not only for holidays, but amazing for special occasions too! We will definitely keep coming back ????”

Anne H

Newcastle, UK

“A dream place, where children can enjoy their English classes surrounded by nature; Francis organises great sessions; 100% recommended”

Silvia Fernández

Mother of a seven year old, attending English Forest School for three years, Dumbría, A Coruña

“A different and very enjoyable way for children to learn English”

Rafael Otero

Father of a six year old attending English Forest School for two years, Muxía, A Coruña

“4 ELEMENTS GALICIA”, 4ELEMENTS GALICIA”, based in a village of Muxía, provide a new pedagogy of innovative learning in English in the outdoors, in the woods and in contact with nature.

In their words: “Learning takes place in an unconscious and natural way in a wild environment which encourages reflection”.

A wonderful place surrounded by nature in its pure state, where you can develop all kinds of activities, summer camps, weekend stays and activities, etc.

Our headmistress and English teacher, Pilar Mirón, has organised this activity as an ideal way to prepare students for the school exchange programme “EDUEXCHANGES”, a Galicia government and European Union initiative.

We walked through the woods and along the River Castro, we visited an old watermill and learnt how our grandparents lived and ate, the wheat and maize crops that were planted and the flour used to make bread. We competed with “Bolos de Madeira” and “Estornela” and we made delicious pizzas in traditional adobe ovens, giving a detailed account of the ingredients. ALL IN ENGLISH. An authentic conviviality with Frank and Lalo, the guides and people behind the proposal. A true luxury.”


David Creus Andrade

Creative Arts Teacher and Department Head for Extracurricular and Complementary Activities Ramón Caamaño High School, Muxía, La Coruña

“The rooms are really nice, the food is good…I met so many nice people”.

Harvey C., 15 years old

15 anos, Academia King Edward VII, Kings Lynn, Reino Unido

“Our 10 year-old son took part in a 4 Elements Galicia camp last year and the experience was incredible. It’s a very complete programme because the children learn a lot of English without realising it, make friends from other cultures, live adventures in the forest, go surfing, hiking, camping … every day is different for them. Their autonomy and teamwork is promoted and they leave the camp as if they had spent time in the UK. It is a luxury to have access to total immersion in English without having to leave Galicia. We will definitely do it again this year! ””

Maria Guerreiro

Mother of 10 year old, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

“The instructor gave us time to do our own things, like me and this one kid made ice cream from scratch”

William M

Vigo Spain

“4Elements Galicia English is better because you learn the whole week through activities and living with English people… no doubt it means you learn more and better”

Lucia Luaces

14 years old, Santiago de Compostela, Spain

“The Spanish teacher was amazing and helped me with my pronunciation and I highly recommend it to people who are struggling with English or Spanish”

William M

15, Seattle, USA

!t has been a few years since | went to 4elements for a summer program, but it remains one of my best memories. The outdoor activities were great (included hiking, swimming in nearby rivers, surfing
and sailing, as well as visits to gorgeous local beaches), showcasing and immersing us in Galicia’s natural beauty, and being in a mixed-nationality group of English and Spanish helped all of us learn better and exchange many funny moments. Was structured enough to feel cohesive, but we
were given freedom to explore what personally interested us. Would absolutely recommend!

Galia P.A.

20 years old, Massachusetts, USA

“Yes, I’m going to continue with English!The difference between here and at school
is that here you learn +fast, +easy and+fun”


losune B. S

14 years old, La Coruña, Spain

“A fantastic experience: language immersion camps with Spanish, English, American, Australian children and adolescents. Methodology, activities and fun in an amazing location”



Martín Pardiñas

Father of 13 and 10 year olds, La Coruña, Spain

"Join the adventure!"